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Shared from Arya’s Father! 

This past March we received unexpected terrible news in the emerge at Ajax hospital. My daughter Arya, one month before her 2nd birthday was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). At the time we were going back and forth to our doctor's office trying to find why Arya was tired all the time not being her energetic self and breaking out in fevers every so often. Then a doctor referred us to go to the hospital for X-rays and blood work, and that's when we found out the terrible news, and our lives stopped right their. from the initial diagnosis, we rushed to sick kids hospital and stayed at the hospital for over two-plus weeks straight. My spouse had to leave of absence from work and I continued to go back to work . for the last 9 months, we have been back and forth to SickKids hospital for routine blood work and chemo treatments and lumbar punctures (LP'S). Anytime my daughter has a high fever we go to the hospital for check-ups and we have been required to spend many random nights at the hospital from the mandatory 24hrs period to leave after a high fever to additional days sometimes an additional week. Price of parking, gas, eating out and also medications that are not covered under OHIP that we require has added up. Arya has been a fighter every stage of the process to recovery we have just received amazing news that Arya has made it to the maintenance stage which will be an additional two years of the treatment process. Once we have completed this stage it will be the last stage of the recovery process.if all goes to plan my little girl will not have to go through any more chemo treatments blood work and lumbar punctures. Then Arya can go back to a normal child's life of growing up and having fun”


All Net Profits will be donated to Arya’s family to help with the expenses occurred with travelling back and forth to the hospital taking time off work and staying in hotels and food. Let us get together and help this family! We can all Be The Difference so let’s Make A Difference today! 

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